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About Us

At Wise Choice Tutoring we are committed to helping students of all ages achieve their academic goals. We have worked with students of all backgrounds and skill levels. Over time, we have gained expertise in the local school and college education systems and we use that experience every day to assist our students. We possess knowledgeable staff and talented tutors that best serve the needs of Miami-Dade County students.


Led by author and researcher Dr. D.A. Wonneberg we provide tutoring based on PhD, Masters, and Bachelors-level accreditation.

“Dr Dean” is also a full professional member with the American Psychological Association as well as the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology—as such quality academic and professional standards are maintained.  

Our current tutors are instructors either from FIU, UM, MDC or from other parts of the US. They are perennial award-winners and often have leading GPAs of their own and/or are engaged in academic research in their given area of specialization.

As such, we are able to provide THE BEST QUALITY instruction for your son or daughter.


Having discussed quality, arguably our most prominent characteristic  is our ability to provide tutoring starting at an OUTSTANDING RATE OF JUST $25.00 per hour.  

Perusal of tutoring service sites and inspection of local university and college bulletin boards indicates that our rates are consistently THE LOWEST RATES seen with the local tutoring industry.

We are able to gain excellent rates based on low overhead, precision in our tutoring abilities, and by allowing our customers to pre-purchase blocks of quality tutoring instruction.  

Our current tutoring service special has 20 hours of professional tutoring available for $500 or a rate of $25 per hour.


From our quality platform discussed, above, we are also able to waive the need for any and all costly assessments.

Wise Choice Tutoring DOES NOT CHARGE ANY ASSESSMENT FEES or REGISTRATION FEES. There are NO TEXTBOOK FEES nor are there any other resource fees or costs.

All our learning materials—including paper, printers, copiers and bottled water—are free of use to our customer base.

In all, this provides outstanding value to our customer with an estimated $100-$300 in cost savings.


Related to the quality education of our own in-house instructors is our ability to minimize turnaround times.

With professional tutors in-hand, we are able to provide an immediate and precise educational diagnosis. We are able to take immediate action to address your son or daughter’s learning needs. The traditional tutoring 2-3 day time-lag in gaining assessment feedback is eliminated.  

There is no need to wait for assessment results nor any need to await a development plan. Our professionals can act immediately and provide instantaneous educational results.

It is common experience at Wise Choice Tutoring that clients walk in with sub-optimal grades and walk out only minutes later with improved abilities and grades in-hand.


Wise Choice Tutoring is a learning and leadership development center that provides one-on-one tutoring, as well as group learning, for all general education areas:

  • Wise Choice Tutoring continues to provide the best S.A.T. and A.C.T. preparation in the Greater Miami area. We pride ourselves in preparing high school students for these significant exams that will potentially determine their educational and career paths.    
  • We provide Grade 1 to Grade 12 students with subject-crafted tutoring in reading, writing, and arithmetic. We are confident that we can provide immediate results to alleviate concerns regarding homework burden, difficulty on any given school topic, and interpersonal tips and strategies to manage teacher relations, peer pressure and the demands on modern day life in Miami. 
  • Wise Choice has expertise with Pre-K and Special Needs tutoring. We have teachers that are adept with small children and provide a trustworthy and safe learning environment—our recent 5-15 year old Summer Camp is part of that. 
  • Wise Choice also provides lifestyle therapy for adults with learning challenges. We extensive experience working with neurologically impaired clients. We also have ample experience with adults seeking counseling regarding anger management and interpersonal communication issues. Dr Dean’s Master’s thesis is central to these topics.     
  • Wise Choice is also involved in leadership development. Dr Dean’s PhD dissertation revolves around leadership abilities based on personality dimensions, attachment style; and, potential issues with narcissism and deception.  His recent research and writing also considers the potentially challenging topics of religion and politics in modern life. 

Overall, you can see that Wise Choice Tutoring Center Inc. provides educational solutions for all general education and development areas of concern.