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ACT Tutoring

The ACT measures a student’s capability to complete college-level work through a test in five subject areas. The fifth, an optional writing test, measures the ability to plan, organize and write an essay. Just like any test, preparation is key to achieve a score need to attend the college of a student’s choice. We understand how important a great score is and provide an extensive 6-week course to help prepare students for a successful test day.

Our ACT preparation tutors prepare students to achieve strong ACT scores, with ample experience in class instruction and test preparation. We ensure students understand the test materials, practice taking the exam and understand the results. Each class is up to 2 hours long and meets 4 times a week. Classes use up to date ACT books and materials to give extracurricular practice and focus on the exam itself, which is critical to a successful performance.

The ACT is comprised of five sections; English, mathematics, reading, science and an optional writing section. All five sections of the test take a total of four hours and 10 minutes and the number of questions in each section range from 40 to 75 questions. The four main tests are scored individually, on a scale of 1 to 36 with the writing section on a scale of 1 to 12. A composite ACT score is an average of the four main scores, with the writing score not included.

ACT preparation classes are relatively small to allow for personalized assistance. Space is limited, so please make your reservation as soon as possible.