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Monday - Thursday- 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Fridays & Saturdays- By Appointment
Closed Holidays

SAT Preparation

For most students, SAT preparation is essential for achieving the test score they need for admittance to the college of their choice. The SAT is the nationally recognized method for objectively qualifying college applicants and at Wise Choice Tutoring, we understand its importance to a student’s future. Our extensive, six-week SAT preparation courses for verbal and mathematics are designed to help students achieve success on test day.

The SAT preparation tutors at our Miami center are very experienced in class instruction and are proven effective at properly preparing students who want to score highly on their SAT tests. We are committed to helping our students attain the best possible understanding of the testing material via methods of practice, review and intensive training. Each class is two hours long, and meets twice a week with extracurricular practice assignments to be completed using up to date SAT books and materials. The entire preparatory program is geared toward the specific structure and approach of the exam itself, to best help each student pass it.

The new SAT test is different from the previous version but not necessarily harder. It is a total of 3 hours and 35 minutes and is now scored in three sections: math, critical reading, and writing. Each section is worth 800 points for a new total of 2400. It still measures reasoning ability and problem-solving skills via multiple choice and free response sections but it now includes a writing section that requires students to demonstrate their ability to express and organize their thoughts. The writing section also asks students to write an essay that requires them to take a position on an issue and to use examples to support their position. They will also have a section that will test how well students use standard written English.

For the purpose of allowing personalized assistance, our classes are relatively small. Therefore, space is limited, so please make your reservation with ample anticipation.