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Mon - Th & Fri - By Appointment
Closed Holidays

ACT Tutoring

Start ACT Studies Early

The number one predictor of high scores is student time spent within an ACT environment or an ACT culture (i.e., time spent with ACT people, ACT friends and peers, ACT vocabulary usage, ACT test-taking experience, etc.)!

Wise Choice ACT Tutoring

  • Our comprehensive 24-part ACT program is designed for significant results!
  • The program is 2 months in duration and consists of UNLIMITED tutoring, all for only $998*
  • Monday-Friday 12 noon till 8pm, Saturdays by appointment, Closed Holidays
  • Our ACT instructors are university-level instructors or high/near-perfect ACT scorers themselves
  • We show you all the ACT test-taking strategies & insider information (for example, we can likely improve your grade AND cut the ACT math section in half!)
  • Multiple diagnostic exams, ACT books and ACT drills are available and included in the price

ACT students wishing a high-score make this life-long investment, however, ACT instruction for $299 (12 hours of tutoring) or $49 (per hour) are also available.

The ACT Exam

ACT exam scores serve as a method of determining college admission. Moreover, the exam measures a student’s capability to complete college-level work through a test in five subject areas. The five areas are:

  1. English (45 minutes, 75 questions)
  2. Mathematics (60 minutes, 60 questions)
  3. Reading (35 minutes, 40 questions)
  4. Science (35 minutes, 40 questions)
  5. Optional Writing Test (40 minutes)

Our Fool-Proof, Comprehensive Approach

At Wise Choice, we understand how critical it is to achieve a high score on the ACT and, as such, we provide a number of solutions with a comprehensive approach. We provide high-scoring ACT professional instructors, a user-friendly environment, drop-in hours, UNLIMITED tutoring and all the reading and writing materials necessary to a high ACT score. Everything at Wise Choice is designed to help you achieve the highest score possible!

We do our best to remove ALL barriers to a high ACT score: We are aware of the challenges of the ACT topics involved, but also the challenges of career, domestic life and commuting within the greater Miami area. Our people, our programs and our tutoring center all work together to help you attain the highest score possible.

Our ACT Curriculum (24-part)

Our university-level ACT instructors prepare students to achieve strong ACT scores. We do this within a 24 point ACT curriculum. The curriculum revolves around:

  • Ample classroom experience and creating an environment of ACT thinking, conversing, and ultimate learning. Psychology of test taking and various exam sitting strategies are discussed.
  • Early review, development and drills regarding ACT-intensive vocabulary
  • Review, development and drills to do with attaining proficient reading and writing skills 
  • Development of mathematic basics and fundamentals via drills and Q and A.
  • ACT science section overview and statistical interpretation of charts, graphs and laboratory drawings.
  • From these reading, math and science basics, we teach advanced ACT information. This includes insider tricks-of-the-trade and ACT rules-of-thumb. Drill questions become more complex and longer in duration.
  • ACT practice exams are utilized. Here, we reinforce fundamental and advanced learning with actual ACT mock exams.
  • We complete the ACT training with a comprehensive, personalized review of exam-taking strategies. We provide crafted guidance as the psychology of exam-taking.