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Mon - Th & Fri - By Appointment
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SAT Tutoring

The most important exam of your life!

START EARLY!!! The number one predictor of high scores is time spent within an SAT environment!!!

  • 25-part SAT syllabus designed for results
  • High scoring SAT teachers and PhD-level instructors
  • Multiple diagnostic exams and SAT drills
  • Mathematics, Reading, Writing, and Language expertise and insider knowledge
  • SAT Preparation via our individualized 2-month UNLIMITED tutoring program for $998*

*ACT students wishing a high-score make this life-long investment, however, ACT instruction for $299 (12 hours of tutoring) or $49 (per hour) are also available.


The world-famous SAT exam from the College Board is organized into five components as follows:

  1. Reading (65 minutes, 52 questions)
  2. Writing and Language (35 minutes, 44 questions)
  3. Math (No Calculator, 25 minutes, 20 questions)
  4. Math (Calculator, 55 minutes, 38 questions)
  5. Essay (Optional, 50 minutes)

As can be seen, the SAT is a long, cumbersome exam with more information than can be practically processed in the short time granted. Therefore, a long-term and vigilant SAT preparation strategy is critical to success. At Wise Choice, we carefully plot and re-plot an effective SAT algorithm to guarantee student success.

Comprehensive Approach

At Wise Choice Tutoring, we understand how serious the SAT is and, therefore, offer a number of effective SAT protocols and methodologies. At the center of this is our 25-part SAT syllabus. This comprehensive syllabus normally takes two to three months to effectively navigate through—although a condensed effort can be made in less time.

The Wise Choice syllabus entails the following general areas

A. The most important part of the Wise Choice syllabus is where we endeavor to create an academic environment of SAT learning. Here, the student begins his or her university travels now—not at first year university—but now and in preparation for the SAT! We endeavor to install a holistic learning environment with the student in and outside of the classroom. Academic thought and speech are championed. Debate, critical thinking and mathematical prowess are all encouraged. Informal communication, slang, vulgarity and the like are all discouraged. This places the student in an SAT frame of mind and sets the stage for optimal SAT exam performance.

B. Early development of top 500 SAT vocabulary terms. This is vocabulary and terminology that is commonly seen through the Reading,
Writing and Language sections of the SAT.

C. Summary and development of mathematical basics and fundamentals—this often takes up the first half dozen or so of the 25 segments.

D. From these basics, the bulk of the syllabus and our teaching revolves intermediate aspects of the SAT. We teach each and every topic
covered on the SAT, however, we also show SAT insider tricks and counsel the student on how to take down the SAT. We teach effective and fool-proof methods to succeed on the SAT--on both the math and English SAT fronts. Our instructors are either PhD professionals with an emphasis on reading, writing, and language OR they are math professionals with experience instructing math at local universities.

E. We reinforce fundamental and intermediate learning with actual SAT mock exams, drills, and practice exercises. These practice assignments are seen throughout the entire 25 segment syllabus.

F. We complete the SAT training with a comprehensive review of exam-taking strategies and also review the psychology of exam-taking based on the knowledge and experience of our PhD-level instructors.

Overall the Wise Choice syllabus is comprehensive and exhaustive. There is the necessary breadth and depth of information in order for the student to attain the highest possible grade.

Economical SAT Tutoring

Our SAT tutoring plans take all the direct SAT challenges revolving around the actual exam information along with the indirect challenges including the hectic pace of modern life many students find themselves in.

Understanding this, Wise Choice offers plans that create the best chance for SAT success.

With such an important exam at stake, most of our customers opt for Wise Choice Tutoring UNLIMITED SAT program for $998 (2 months). We recommend at least 2 months preparation and consider the economic cost low in relation to the life-cycle importance of the SAT exam—arguably the most important exam a student will ever face!

This plan is economically competitive on a per hour basis which is usually less then $20 for university-level instruction. We believe the economic allotment and the time allotment both grant the best chance at superior SAT scoring. Our internal research and experience indicates this is true.

Call today or drop in at Wise Choice Tutoring Center. You will be impressed with the comfortable premises and the professionalism of the instructors. A high SAT score awaits you.